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Icon representing US Coast Guard Bulletin: Cyber Adversaries Targeting Commercial Vessels
US Coast Guard Bulletin: Cyber Adversaries Targeting Commercial Vessels

June 21st 2019
Icon representing Would you pay $1m for a laptop full of malware?
Would you pay $1m for a laptop full of malware?

May 23rd 2019
Icon representing Singapore Opens Maritime Cybersecurity Operations Centre (MSOC)
Singapore Opens Maritime Cybersecurity Operations Centre (MSOC)

May 22nd 2019

1.3 million from Europe for cyber security and port security

October 12th 2017
Today, the launch of the European SECNET project was held in Trieste, which saw the winners of the Adriatic-Adriatic ports of Venice, Trieste (leader) and Capodistria with the aim of improving cross-border cooperation in port security , a theme particularly in view of the strong impact on shoreline protection (linked to strong geopolitical instability and the risk of terrorist attacks) and the competitiveness of the three ports.

The SECNET project has funded a 100% co-financing of 1.3 million euros (250,000 for the Port of Venice only) with the aim of strengthening institutional capacity and cross-border governance in port security.

Often, additional and uncoordinated security measures often result in a slower movement of goods and hence to a lesser port attraction, at the expense of the economic development of the territories . SECNET will enhance the expertise of ports in this specific field with the help of innovative IT systems and by providing technical and specialist expertise at cross-border level.

It will be a joint action plan for the three partners portfolios of the pilot project aimed at enhancing the protection of cyber security and the protection of port areas from access by unauthorized persons. In the concrete, the project envisages a comprehensive check-up of network architectures to evaluate possible risks, computerization of port control systems, as well as the purchase of state-of-the-art video surveillance systems .

"We recently welcomed the inspection of the European Commission (security department) in Venice, and the outcome was more than positive for the members of the Inspection Group to propose to Brussels that some procedures already in use in the Venice port terminals are being adopted as good also from other European airports. From this experience we have learned a lot and will put our expertise in hand before other Adriatic and European ports. The SECNET project will also give us the opportunity to implement new technologies to be at the forefront of dealing with possible cyber attacks. Along with the other ports, on the basis of the results of the SECNET project and in the re-founding spirit of the NAPA Association, we will sign a joint protocol for the implementation of the cross-border strategy for port security. We will thus be able to harmonize the policies in this sector across the High Adriatic, to limit the bureaucratic length of time and to ensure at the same time the highest security of our ports" Said Venice Harbor President Pino Mussolino.