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The Vision

Maritime Cyber Alliance was established in 2017 by Airbus, CSO Alliance & our technology partner Wididi.

The aim was to create a global 24/7 anonymous cyber crime reporting platform for the rapid sharing of cyber incidents against, ship owners, ships, ports and the wider maritime supply chain.

Within a vetted membership community create effective Cyber Safety advice and allow businesses to discuss Cyber concerns and incident experiences within a secure private community of like minded professionals.

The natural output is peer support and collaboration, the platform exists to share knowledge and signpost organisations that require guidance and cyber insights which naturally add value to other members.

Although we have a number of industry contributors from the IT service and security arena, this platform does not permit solicitation for this stage of our development is provided for free of charge as we build the solution - together.

Due to the lack of cyber resilience capacity and the escalating nature of cyber threats to our maritime supply chain, we have to work as one, to protect it from the constantly evolving cyber threats, in short Security through Community.
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