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Icon representing US Coast Guard Bulletin: Cyber Adversaries Targeting Commercial Vessels
US Coast Guard Bulletin: Cyber Adversaries Targeting Commercial Vessels

June 21st 2019
Icon representing Would you pay $1m for a laptop full of malware?
Would you pay $1m for a laptop full of malware?

May 23rd 2019
Icon representing Singapore Opens Maritime Cybersecurity Operations Centre (MSOC)
Singapore Opens Maritime Cybersecurity Operations Centre (MSOC)

May 22nd 2019

BOURBON: Digitalization of Bourbon's vessel operations

January 11th 2018
Strategic partnership with Bureau Veritas
Digitalization of BOURBON's vessel operations: Strategic partnership with Bureau Veritas

• This partnership is part of BOURBON's Smart shipping program, which seeks to optimize safety and reliability of vessels operations at optimum costs

• First application of the partnership will be real-time verification of the dynamic positioning (DP) operations of the BOURBON fleet

• Bureau Veritas is providing classification of the connectivity systems

• Both partners are also addressing together cyber security issues
BOURBON and Bureau Veritas have signed a strategic partnership agreement to develop and deploy automation and real time monitoring fleet applications, developing digital technologies, while mitigating cyber risks. The partnership will thus deliver advanced automation of dynamic positioning systems to enable: 

- Improvement of DP operational safety through real-time advisory tools for bridge operators and remote support for onshore teams

- Streamlining of onboard organization leading to potential reduction of manning 

- A reduction in fuel and DP maintenance costs

A pilot has been implemented on the Bourbon Explorer 508 operating in Trinidad waters. Developed with Kongsberg Maritime, already a strategic partner of BOURBON, it is certified by Bureau Veritas. It collects data from the DP system and drives the development of novel decision-making and verification applications for both offshore crew and onshore support teams.

Another vital element of the project is addressing cyber security threats. Thanks to a global partnership with Bureau Veritas, APSYS, an Airbus company specialized in Product Security, is helping in identifying and mitigating risks linked to data collection and communication between BOURBON's vessels and onshore infrastructure. Based on this risk assessment relying on best practices from APSYS's aerospace experience, Bureau Veritas is able to issue cyber security certification on products and class notations for ships meeting global industry security standards.

"We have decided to innovate with Bureau Veritas in the way we operate vessels in order to bring a response to this new cycle focused on operational excellence at optimum cost. Streamlining work organization onboard vessels, this project will have a significant positive impact on our operations. In this digital era, we also have a common will to deploy innovative technological solutions offering tangible benefits to our customers" declared Gaël Bodénès, CEO of BOURBON Corporation.

"At Bureau Veritas, we know the value of strategic partnerships such as this. They are a key to supporting our Marine & Offshore clients like BOURBON to integrate new technologies while mitigating the risks of our increasingly digital and connected world," comments Jean-François Segretain, Technical Director,Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.