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Icon representing US Coast Guard Bulletin: Cyber Adversaries Targeting Commercial Vessels
US Coast Guard Bulletin: Cyber Adversaries Targeting Commercial Vessels

June 21st 2019
Icon representing Would you pay $1m for a laptop full of malware?
Would you pay $1m for a laptop full of malware?

May 23rd 2019
Icon representing Singapore Opens Maritime Cybersecurity Operations Centre (MSOC)
Singapore Opens Maritime Cybersecurity Operations Centre (MSOC)

May 22nd 2019

The cyber threat in the maritime industry to be discussed

October 6th 2017
Digital Ship's Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum in Hamburg
“The maritime industry is still not taking cyber risk seriously enough, because there haven’t yet been any disasters or financial collapses that can be pinned down to a cyberattack. Maersk may have lost hundreds of millions, but it was an accidental victim. However, criminals and terrorists also read and learn from the news, and they understand how huge and vulnerable this industry is. They will be attacking your ships or your data systems any time now, with very serious economic consequences and possibly loss of life; and we need to be prepared before this happens.” David Nordell, Senior Vice President for Strategy, Policy and Law, Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science.

In this information era of the connected ship, the cyber threat is growing across all sectors. With the shipping industry's increasing reliance on technology and remote monitoring, maritime cyber security is no longer optional, but is business-critical.

Building on the resounding success of the Maritime Cyber Resilience Forums held in Rotterdam and Athens earlier this year, Digital Ship’s Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum Hamburg will contain plenary presentations and panel discussions in four focused sessions:

1. An Overview of Maritime Cyber Challenges and Focus on Building Resilience
2. Business Planning and Cyber Preparedness
3. New Developments in Maritime Cyber Regulations and Guidelines
4. Are We Cyber Ready? The Shipping Operators’ Outlook

This Forum will bring advisors, end-users, technology providers and policy makers together, aiming to
• Understand, define and assess the threats and risk of maritime cyber-attack
• Raise awareness of cyber security and risk issues and identify information sharing mechanisms
• Discuss appropriate regulation and guidelines for clearer standards throughout the industry
The event will include networking opportunities and a Post-Conference Reception on 10 October
Date: Tuesday, 10 October 2017